Driving in London?

Drive with miwhip.

Serving London City It’s culture and It’s Citzens

How is it possible not to get a job in the city the size of London, which virtually doesn’t sleep? Whether you’re looking to start full-time work, miwhip definitely has the perfect role for you. we want Londoners to drive London. It’s said that 1 in 6 people desire a job role in our capital. Be that one person signing up with miwhip today.

24/7 UK Based Support for transport providers

Whether you’re on or off the road, we’re here to support our city transport providers at any time. Our team of London based technology empowered customer advisers combine experience and intelligence with a new wave of digital tools to guide riders and transport providers through to a solution.

Worldwide Marketing

The very moment anyone enters London, miwhip aims to become tourists first pick in getting from where you are, to where you need to be. We’re launching an international marketing campaign across the globe to welcome foreigners and let them know we’re here. We want to make sure we our your first choice in transport when in London.

A London Based Company

Born and bred in the UK’s capital city, miwhip recognises and values the cities heritage and history. The big city we know as Greater London covers 600 square miles and was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium… Today, we’re here to service those streets and let a diverse population of over 8 million explore London’s iconic locations.

Airport Pick-ups

miwhip is ready on the runway, welcoming tourists to our cosmopolitan city. As soon as you step foot into London you’re entering a globally acknowledged travellers’ hub. You’ll find miwhip available at all main London Airports. We’re covering Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, and City airport.

High Tourist Demand

Did you know? According to Forbes, London stands as number 2 in the World’s top 10 most visited cities. We’re here to put our name on the map and offer a world-class service fit for the millions of tourists arriving into the city we proudly call home. We’ll keep you informed on where and when to get the most ride requests, and how to earn bonuses.

How do I get paid?

Transport provider gets paid a full amount minus miwhip service fee via direct deposit to the nominated bank account.

How to sign up as a miwhip transport provider?

Download the miwhip transport provider app to begin the process.

  • Fill in your personal details and upload all the required documents.
  • Once we’ve verified your documents you'll be able to book an appointment to visit the miwhip HUB via the transport provider app to start your onboarding process.

Remember to bring along your original documents and chosen vehicle to onboarding appointment.

What is miwhip?

miwhip is a brand new private-hire vehicle app, built on a technology platform that allows for London transport providers to connect with city riders. Providing an on-demand and unique experience for anyone and everyone travelling in or around London.
The miwhip app is available to download on iOS  and Android.

How does it work?

The way miwhip works is simple...

  • Riders use the miwhip rider app to request a ride, miwhip receives this booking and transport providers' are notified of the ride request.
  • Transport providers can accept the rides they wish to take, when accepted, the miwhip app directs transport providers to their accepted riders pick-up location and the journey begins.
  • A fare estimate is automatically calculated and charged at the end once the journey is completed, this transaction will appear on both the rider and transport providers miwhip accounts.
  • A service fee will be deducted from each journey - transport providers can check their daily earnings and instantly cash out at any time they wish.
What areas does miwhip operate in?

miwhip will be launching in London. We’ll be expanding into other cities very soon.

What are the different types of rides?

mione : For single riders.
miwhip : Most popular choice. For standard journeys up to 4 passengers.
miwhip+ : Larger vehicle. At least 6 passengers with more baggage space.
miexec : High-end vehicles for business and pleasure, holds at least 4 riders with a professional transport provider.
milux :Ultimate luxury vehicles, long wheel base for extra leg room and comfort, holds at least 4 riders with a professional and experienced transport provider.
miwav : Wheelchair accessible vehicle, with a trained transport provider.