Here are some frequently
asked questions.

General FAQ

What is miwhip?

miwhip is a brand new private-hire vehicle app, built on a technology platform that allows city transport providers and riders to connect. Providing an on-demand and unique experience for anyone and everyone in London.

Available to download on iOS  and Andro

How does it work?
  • Riders use the miwhip app to request a ride, miwhip receives this booking and transport providers are notified of the ride request.
  • Transport providers can accept the rides they wish to take, when accepted, the miwhip app directs transport providers to their accepted riders pick-up location and the journey begins.
  • A fare estimate is automatically calculated and charged at the end once the journey is completed, this transaction will appear on both the rider and transport providers miwhip accounts. 
  • A service fee will be deducted from each journey - Transport providers can check their daily earnings and instantly cash out at any time they wish.
What areas does miwhip operate in?

miwhip will be launching in London. We’ll be expanding into other cities very soon.

What platforms is miwhip available on?

miwhip is available for free to download on the iTunes App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

What are the different types of rides?

mione : For single riders.
miwhip : Most popular choice. For standard journeys up to 4 passengers.
miwhip+ : Larger vehicle. Up to 6 passengers with more baggage space.
miexec : High-end vehicles for business and pleasure, with a professional transport provider.
milux :Ultimate luxury vehicles, long wheel base for extra leg room and comfort, with a professional and experienced transport provider.
miwav : Wheelchair accessible vehicle, with trained transport provider.

Transport Provider FAQ

How do I book an appointment?

Once you’ve signed up as a new transport provider via the the miwhip app, registered your details and uploaded your documents, the miwhip team will check and verify your submitted information. If successful, transport providers will be invited to make an appointment through the online booking platform at a time that suits you. miexec and milux transport providers can make an appointment on fridays as they will need to take a geographical test.

Remember to bring along your original documents and your chosen vehicle to your onboarding appointment.

Parking availability near onboarding hubs?

We have allocated parking spaces for new transport providers attending the onboarding sessions.

Where will the transport provider onboarding take place?
West Hub - 2 Western Avenue Business Park, Mansfield Road, Park Royal, London, W3 0BZ.
East Hub - Davenport House, 16 Pepper Street, Poplar, London, E14 9RP.
Do I need to take a Geo Test?

miwhip is committed to offering riders an excellent experience and ensuring a good quality level of professionalism when it comes to our transport providers.
During your onboarding visit you will be required to pass a geographical test, if you are choosing to becoming a miexec or milux transport provider.

Do you need to check my vehicle?

Yes, make sure that you bring your vehicle with you on the onboarding day. Your partner app won't be activated onto the miwhip platform until it’s checked by our quality inspector.

Can I sign up with a rented vehicle?

You can sign up to miwhip with an approved rental vehicle.
On the day of the sign up, please make sure you bring all original copies of supporting documents.

What are the miwhip requirements?
  • Driving Licence for more than 3 years
  • Private Hire transport provider Licence (Paper Copy)
  • Private Hire Vehicle Licence
  • National Insurance Number
  • DVLA Check Code
  • MOT (required if age of vehicle is over 1 year)
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle Logbook
  • Insurance Vehicle Schedule (if required)
  • Insurance transport provider Schedule (if required)
  • Permission Letter (if required)
  • Hire Agreement (if required)
Do you accept young transport providers?

We accept transport providers aged 21 or over. If you are under 25, we can only accept you if you’ve held a full licence for a minimum of 36 months. You will also have to meet the same eligibility criteria and pass the standard checks as all other transport providers. Valid for UK licence only.

What is the minimum age requirement for the vehicle?

To be able to drive with miwhip, your vehicle must be of the year 2008 (58/08 plate) or newer.

How do I change my profile photo?

miwhip does not allow transport providers to update their profile photo due to safety and security reasons. A photo of you will be taken by one of our team members during your onboarding visit at miwhip. If you wish to change the photo, come in to one of our hubs and we will change your photo.

How do I see my ride history?

Ride history is available for you to view at any time. Open miwhip partner app, tap on the menu button, tap on “mijourneys” tab.

How do I reset my password?

Open the partner app, on the login page, Select “Forgot password".
Enter your email address and press “ Submit”.
Follow the instructions to reset the password that have been sent to your email.
If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact support​ ​here.

I want to change my email address.

To change your email address, please head to your miwhip transport provider app.
Select Profile > Account Information and edit email address.

How do I get paid?

Transport provider gets paid a full amount minus miwhip service fee via direct deposit to the nominated bank account.

What devices does the app support?

The miwhip iOS App is optimised for iPhone and support devices running iOS 7.0 or later.
The miwhip Android App supports operating system 4.3 and above.

The app won’t download, what to do?

Try the following: Restart your device.
Pause and restart the download.
Connect to Wi-Fi.
If you’re using cellular data or Wi-Fi and have issues with an app, try to connect to another Wi-Fi network.

The ​app keeps crashing, what to do?

Please try the following troubleshooting;
• Uninstall the miwhip app and reinstall it again.
1. Open Android Settings
2. Tap Application Manager
3. Under Downloaded, select miwhip
4. Tap Clear Cache
5. Tap Clear Data
Note: Depending on the Android version and phone you're using, these steps might vary slightly.
If clearing the cache does not resolve the issue:
• Uninstall the miwhip app and reinstall it again.

How to become a 5* transport provider?

Here’s some key tips and tricks to help transport providers improve performance and gain ratings:
Always try to accommodate riders requests.
Dress professionally.
Be well presented.
Greet your riders.
Open, close the door where possible.
Do not use your phone while driving.
Be polite.
Remain calm.
Do not engage in inappropriate conversations with the rider.
If you are late for the pick-up, inform the rider about the situation.
Turn the air-con on when it’s a warm day.
Perhaps provide water bottles for riders.

Who can sign up as a miwhip transport provider?

miwhip is for anyone interested in serving the city of London and for those who wants to earn or increase their earnings.
Please see the specific requirements needed to become a miwhip transport provider before applying.

How to sign up as a miwhip transport provider?

Download the miwhip transport provider app to begin the process.
Fill in your personal details, upload all the required documents.
Once we’ve verified your documents you’ll be able to book an appointment to visit miwhip.
Remember to bring along your original documents and chosen vehicle to onboarding appointment.

Who should I contact in case of queries?

The miwhip helpline and support team is open 9-5:30.
Call us directly: 02036970404
You can also email us at [email protected]
Reach us via the in-app support feature.

What is a vehicle logbook?

It is a record of every vehicle registered and its keeper. It’s a registration certificate sent to DVLA for processing.

What is DVLA?

Stands for transport provider and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It hold transport provider and vehicle records in the UK and is appointed by the Govt for registration.

What is a national insurance number?

Is a number registered to your name. It is used for administration and the social security system in the United Kingdom.