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References to we, our or us in this document are to miwhip Unipessoal Lda and to miwhip Ltd.

miwhip Unipessoal Lda is a company incorporated in Portugal, registered number 514847301. Registered Office 1st Floor, No. 20 Rua Dr. Brito Camara, Funchal, Portugal 9000-039 (miwhip).

miwhip Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 10990699 and registered office, Unit 3 Sundon Business Park, Dencora Way, Luton, United Kingdom, LU3 3HP (miwhip London).

We are committed to respecting the privacy of the users of our services and the Driver App. A cookie contains portions of code stored to your computer when you visit a website, app, online media or advertisements and specifically the miwhip website, Driver App and Rider App (the “Services”). Cookies allow the Services to remember your device and how you interacted with the Services. We use cookies and other identification technologies on the Services and other online services.
We use cookies for numerous purposes in order to assist us in providing the miwhip ride hailing services via the Services. Purposes include:

  • remembering previous actions and user preferences and settings;
  • authentication;
  • remembering service selections;
  • establishing popular Rider/Driver choices and content;
  • analysing site traffic, such as trends in peak Rider locations and rush hour times;
  • creating effective media and advertising campaigns; and
  • commonly reviewing how all Riders/Drivers use and interact with the Services.

miwhip Ltd may use cookies in order to retain information pursuant to its regulatory requirements as the holder of a PHV operator licence issued by Transport for London and information TfL may require.

This cookie policy has been created by us to help you understand the types of cookies we use (or those which may be used by third parties via the Services), why we use them and how you can choose to use those cookies. Note that disabling all or some cookies may affect the functionality of the Services.

How our Cookies work

We use other technologies that are contained on our Services to allow us to read and place cookies. These will read and store information such as:

  • IP address;
  • Device type and OS;
  • Browser type and version;
  • Website browsing history;
  • Individual advertisement information; and
  • Similar information such as the website which referred the above information.

You can choose to refuse or remove cookies in your browser. For further information on how to do so, please follow instructions from your browser/within the Services. You also have the option to refuse third party cookies by clicking the opt-out link.


You, as a user, have the right to manage preferences for cookies directly from your own browser. You can choose whether or not you accept cookies. If you enter our Services and choose not to alter the cookie settings, we will assume you are happy with the default settings (which allow all types of cookies to be used).

Most browsers will automatically accept default settings in respect of cookies. If you use a popular browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, you can change the cookie settings which are usually indicated under a “Help” section. When using the Services on a mobile device you can change the settings of your operating system and/or use advertising blocking applications.

Whilst it is your choice to refuse or reject cookies, this could have an impact upon the availability and functionality of the Services. We do recommend you accept cookies in order to assist us in delivering our Services.

The cookies used on the App are categorised based on the ICC UK Cookie guide and are set out below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly Necessary cookies are essential to allow you to access the site or services. They are used to:

  • Identify you with your account login;
  • Remember your current (when logged in) and previous actions on the Services;
  • Show your Rider history;
  • Allow you to edit your account settings;
  • Provide authentication and site security; and
  • Save frequently used selections such as destinations, i.e. home or work or type of Ride.

Performance Cookies

Analytics, performance and research cookies collect information based on how you use the Services. These cookies are used to:

  • Understand how you use and access the Services;
  • Gather non-user specific information on how well the Services work; and
  • Use the information collected to update the Services and tailor it to your preferences.

Functionality and Targeting Services

Site features and services help us to deliver our products and services. They are used to:

  • Assist you with logging in by pre-filling fields;
  • Link you with social media platforms and other customised content and experiences.

Advertising cookies deliver relevant advertisements to you as a user. They are used to:

  • Gather information to allow us to deliver tailored marketing advertisements to you based on your interests; and
  • Determine what advertisements you have interacted with based on what advertisements have been sent to you previously.


Mobile-Specific cookies use various technologies to:

  • Track mobile marketing; and
  • Deliver relevant mobile ads based on your preferences.


We consider the use of cookies to be important to the operation of our Services. Therefore if you are not comfortable with us using cookies and you do not feel confident that you can restrict cookie usage to your satisfaction using your browser settings, please do not use our Services.

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Should you have any queries about this policy, please contact us at [email protected]